Ice Cream v Frozen Yogurt

During school holidays, kids physical activity can reduce & eating habits change. It’s hot outside so to cool down, do you grab an ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ice Cream v Frozen Yogurt – School holidays can see kids (or adults for that matter) having prolonged sitting which is a common cause for lower back pain and stiffness. So get outside and enjoy the summer weather at the park, beach or for example going bush walking.

After being out on a hot summer’s day, it is great to cool down with something cold. So should you reach for Ice Cream v Frozen Yogurt?

Ice Cream – a big scoop of ice cream might seem like a perfect summer treat, however ice creams contain high level of saturated fat (4.5g per serving), cholesterol (29mg per serving) and sugar (14g per serving). Excessive intake can lead to increased risk of heart disease, stroke and obesity. Now we understand if these facts aren’t front of mind when reach for a cold tempting ice cream.

Frozen Yogurt – a healthier alternative can be frozen yogurt, which can give you the similar delicious flavor with less cholesterol (2mg per serving) and saturated fat (3.4g per serving).

Also, the choice of topping is crucial to make a healthy snack. Toppings which are rich in fiber and protein like fruits and nuts can help you to get a balance diet.


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