Avoid Hamstring & Calf Strains

Hamstring & calf strains are common sport injuries. Despite being frequent occurrence, our tips to can help you prevent having future injuries.

Avoid Hamstring & Calf Strains – Both hamstring and calf (gastrocnemius) strain are common sport injuries. Many studies have reported that hamstring and calf strains frequently occur in many popular sports, such as football, running, cricket, soccer, netball, basketball, etc.

Weakness and tightness are two of the major risk factor for muscle sprain injury. Some simple strengthening exercises and stretches can improved your muscle strength and tightness, and hence, reduce the chance of injury.



  • Hamstring curl with theraband
    • Position: lying on your stomach
    • Start with knee straight, finish with knee bend


  • Hamstring stretching in sitting
    • Position: sitting on chair with one leg out straight in front of you
    • Sit tall and lean forward keeping your back straight



Calf (Gastrocnemius)

  • Single leg/double leg heel raise
    • Position: standing
    • Start with heel on the ground, push up on your toes


  • Calf stretch in standing position
    • Position: standing with one leg in front of the other and your hands resting on a wall
    • Lunge forwards while keeping your back leg straight. Ensure that both feet point forwards and your back heel remains on the ground



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